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Shoutbox - English Only Please

park 03/23 17:39:13
jimshad 03/23 17:35:18
I dont remember how that works let me get back to ya
park 03/23 17:26:57
what does it mean?
park 03/23 17:25:52
Crediting time AVG: -17.2 day(s), Last credited: 3/23/2017
park 03/23 17:09:54
ok so the 0.90 Y-S pays instantly?
jimshad 03/23 17:08:06
park 03/23 17:07:19
jimshad are you here?
jimshad 03/23 11:42:49
there where a lot members banned in the last few days for different reasons if she sent in a contact email we are reviewing accounts in the order the email was received
noka 03/23 11:27:27
u have suspended my frnds account shes messaging and ur nt replying why
jimshad 03/23 09:08:24
noka 03/23 08:55:10
admin u dre
jimshad 03/23 08:40:53
I will look on our end but most pending surveys dont show up for us
jimshad 03/23 08:40:19
submit a ticket with the survey router with proof of completion if you have it
Gab12345 03/23 04:59:38
MY CPA/GPT Tasks have been pending for days.
jimshad 03/22 19:03:35
yeah we had a lot of payments tonight so it took a little longer
moneytalks22 03/22 18:22:55
got it thank you had delay with my PayPal soz
moneytalks22 03/22 18:20:11
I haven't been paid in today's payout
moneytalks22 03/22 18:16:33
hey Jim
chokridh 03/22 16:55:37
Unfortunately Paypal does not work in my country. I wish the success 4 evryone here
chokridh 03/22 16:50:00
(y) thnx bro
jimshad 03/22 16:36:09
gotta run an errand be back in an hour or so
jimshad 03/22 16:35:29
server time is located below the shout box
jimshad 03/22 16:34:59
we payout to Pay Pal and we make payments everyday at around 5 pm server time
chokridh 03/22 16:23:23
plz i have a question about payements méthodes ! only PayPal !?
chokridh 03/22 15:51:11
thnx jims :) gd luck
sarah11sexycute 03/23 20:10:00
Credited for the offerwall with $0.0001 (PTC Wall)
sarah11sexycute 03/23 20:09:00
Credited for the offerwall with $0.0001 (PTC Wall)